Slow Feeder Bowl
Slow Feeder Bowl
Slow Feeder Bowl

Slow Feeder Bowl

Be One Breed

Helps Digestion - Puzzle bowls are known to ensure slower feeding time and aid digestion. This means your furry friend won’t be bloated and will let off less gas. Slowing down the feeding time also reduces regurgitation.

Improved Pet Health - Teaching your pet to slow down while eating at a young age will lead to better chewing, reduced risk of choking and better gut health. 

Effective, Safe & Durable - The slow feeder bowl is made of high quality BPA free plastic which makes it safe for your animals. It is durable, easy to clean, antibacterial and is dishwasher safe (top rack).

Smart Design - The slow feeder features a cute face puzzle shape at the bottom to make eating fun and challenging. The bowl comes with 4 anti-slip stickers to help keep it well in place. The sticker must be replaced when it begins to peel.

Multiple Uses - Your pet can enjoy either dry or wet treats in the slow food feeder. Our fun bowls can also be used for water if your pet tends to drink too quickly. Help reduce unwanted behavior and improve your pet’s feeding experience.

Size Small
Type Dog

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