Crunchy Kitty Catnip Kale

Crunchy Kitty Catnip Kale

Ciao Gatto Cat Market

Have a cat that loves to visit farmer’s markets? Bring the produce stand home with these handmade designs from Ciao Gatto Cat Market.

Made with 100% wool felt, 100% wool stuffing, organic catnip, and crinkle paper to make a crunchy sound. These are sure to jazz up their toy basket!

Size: 1 stalk is approximately 10″ long and 4″ wide.

Stalk of yummy kitty kale with crunchy on top, and filled with USA grown organic catnip. These are all individually sewn so there might be slight variations.

Each piece of kale top is double layered 100% wool felt with crinkle paper in the center to provide the crunch.


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