Waterproof Collar Orange

Waterproof Collar Orange

Waterproof Collar Orange

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A PVC-coated orange dog collar inspired by the train seats of New York’s subway is an essential item for every modern and conscious dog owner that cares for animals, humanity, and the environment.

Approved by Fritz is a New York-based sustainable pet lifestyle brand that offers a beautiful collection of colorful, eco-friendly dog accessories with designs inspired by the urban streets, sights, and lifestyle that characterize New York City.



Minimum Collar Length (neck size) 8 1/2 inch 21 cm

Maximum Collar Length (neck size) 12 inch 31.5 cm

Collar Width 0.5 inch 1.3 cm

Fits best to small dogs under 20lb (that look) like Schnauzers, Chihuahua, Toy Poodles, jack russel terriers etc.


Minimum Collar Length (neck size) 10 inch 25.5 cm

Maximum Collar Length (neck size) 15 1/2 inch 39.5 cm

Collar Width 0.67 inch 1.7cm

Fits best to medium dogs under 35lb (that look) like Vizla, Pug, Aussie Doodles, Shiba etc.


Minimum Collar Length (neck size) 13 inch 33 cm

Maximum Collar Length (neck size) 21 inch 53cm

Collar Width 0.9 inch 2.5cm

Fits best to large size dogs under 55 lb (that look) like labs, pitties, shepherds, boxers, some corgis, etc.


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