Snuffle Taco - Interactive Toy

Snuffle Taco - Interactive Toy

Mary and Janie

DESIGNED FOR NOSEWORK TRAINING & SLOW FEEDING: these are the perfect dog training and feeding mats for interactive play, nosework training and slow feeding.

These interactive snuffle toys are perfect for stimulating your dog’s brain and sense of smell by encouraging their foraging skills.

STIMULATING EXPERIENCE FOR DOGS: designed to provide daily mental stimulation for your dog to keep them healthy, happy and engaged. Studies have shown that nosework training can help increase your dog’s focus and overall confidence, reduce their stress, anxiety and boredom, and keep them physically and mentally healthy.

PERFECT FOR DOGS OF ALL BREEDS AND SIZES: Mats are great for small, medium or large dogs. They’re simple to use, highly effective and can provide hours of fun for your dog. Mats also make great gifts for a new pup.

MULTI-PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: This dog feeding mat can also act as both a slow feeder and a puzzle toy for dogs.


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