behind the brand

About Us

Good for your pet. Good for the planet.

The Story of Toiffer

Toiffer started from a dream of bringing the most beautiful, sustainable, and functional dog and cat products to Missoula and beyond.

Who is Toiffer? (toi-fer)

Toiffer was an amazing pup that Alina grew up with in Argentina. He was a sweet pup that loved to play and swim under water!

We Source The Best Products

Choosing the right brands for your pet can be time-consuming. We hand-picked a thoughtful collection of dog and cat products that are natural, durable, local, sustainable and beautiful.

We Want to Make Your Life Easier

Kiss the frustrating late-night pet food runs goodbye. Toiffer is the only pet store in Missoula with a food subscription service and includes local delivery to Missoula homes. Your pet will have the best quality pet food without you needing to lift a finger.

We Love Our Community

Toiffer is a gathering place for Missoula pet lovers and their furry friends. From hosting dog and cat photoshoots to supporting diverse local nonprofits, we want to be knee-deep in any local events, causes, or fun.