Benefits of Incorporating Raw Food in Your Dog's Diet

Hi, I'm Kona! I'm a shy and polite German Shepherd that loves naps, hates being away from my mom and never misses a mealtime.

Once upon a time, my ancestors ran in packs and ruled the animal kingdom while hunting for sustenance on the forest floor. 

Now, I enjoy a consistent bowl of food before heading to the couch to snuggle with my mom - matching pajama sets may be involved. My life may be comfier than that of my ancestors. Still, I love having a connection to my roots, like nutritious morsels of raw food.

Adding raw food to your pet's diet helps reignite excitement in dinner and has some impressive benefits. 

Here are just a few benefits of incorporating raw food into your pup's regular diet!

Benefits of incorporating raw food into your dog's diet

Healthier teeth and better breath

Raw food tends to have more diversity in food textures, especially when bones are involved. These ingredients can help clean teeth, and the properties found in raw ingredients can lead to fresher breath than grain-heavy meals. 

Healthier Skin and coat

Raw meat is an excellent source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, working wonders for skin and coat health. If your dog has a dull coat or tends to be itchy, healthy fats from raw food are a great way to ease discomfort and feel soft again. 

Offers additional healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals

Supplemental nutrients can help enhance life for your pups! Adding raw ingredients to their diet creates an adequate nutritional balance without completely changing their daily diet. 

Healthier bones and joints

Animal bones are a great source of calcium for increasing bone density, while nutrients found in raw meat can aid in joint support. 

Consistent Stool

This one is for the owners as much as it is for the dogs. Raw food has more digestible ingredients and avoids grains that can be tough on tummies. This smaller, more consistent stool means comfier potty breaks for your pup and an easier cleanup for you. 

Things to keep in mind with a raw diet

Planning a completely raw diet on your own takes effort. It's more than just throwing a raw steak into your dog's bowl every day. A fully raw diet takes thought, effort and multiple types of food to create a well-balanced bowl full of nutrients. If you don't want to navigate this yourself, we offer many raw food blends that guarantee a well-balanced diet.

Not every dog should have a raw diet. While some dogs will experience positive results, experts say that puppies and dogs with certain medical conditions should stay away from fully-raw diets. Talk to your vet to determine if a raw diet is right for your pup.

There can be bacteria risks. There is always a tiny chance of bacteria risk for you and your dog when working with raw meat. Luckily, this isn't a problem when you buy from companies that specialize in freeze-dried or frozen raw food meals for pets. Toiffer only offers products from companies that have a robust quality control process. With these companies, your pup can experience the benefits of raw food without the risk or the messy prep. 

Your pup can experience benefits from adding raw ingredients to a non-raw meal. You may not want to take balancing the nutrients in your dog's diet into your hands - but that doesn't mean your pup can't experience the benefits of raw food! Incorporating raw ingredients into their standard diet is a great way to offer consistent nutrients and add nutritional benefits. You can also lean on outstanding companies that create delicious raw foods that are just as easy to use as their standard kibble.

Ways to easily incorporate raw food benefits into your dog's diet

Freeze-Dried Raw Foods

Skip the messy prep and cleanup - freeze-dried raw food is just as healthy (and delicious) as the raw food you can throw together at home OR while traveling! The lighter weight and easy storage make it the perfect product for an on-the-go pet. And a guaranteed balanced diet takes the guesswork out of finding the nutrients your dog needs.

Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Food

Surf n Turf freeze-dried raw food leverages the vitamin-E-rich properties of beef with the healthy fats of salmon to create a balanced diet. Open Farms freeze-dried dog food boasts 85% protein from raw animal ingredients mixed with organic fruits and vegetables.

Northwest Naturals Freeze-dried Meals

These freeze-dried raw food blends have an easy break-apart texture, making for great training treats or meal toppers. The Beef or Chicken flavors are perfect for keeping even the pickiest dogs excited about mealtime.

K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Meal 

Each K9 Naturals blend of freeze-dried meals come with specific benefits. For example, Lamb and King Salmon has natural anti-inflammatory properties and supports healthy skin, coat and joints. Lamb Green Tripe aids in digestion, skin, coat and immune function. The Hoki and Beef blend helps brain and eye development and is an excellent option for puppies. These blends can be eaten as complete meals or delicious meal toppers your dog will love. 

Steve's Real Food Freeze-Dried Dog Formula

Steve's Real Food makes raw feeding easy, convenient and affordable. Steve's Real Food Freeze Dried Nuggets for Dogs features free range meats like vegetarian-fed pork & turkey and grass-fed beef. These diets are even fortified with goat’s milk! This versatile raw food option is a great meal topper or can be eaten as a complete and balanced meal. 

Frozen Raw Foods

Frozen food is another clean and convenient option for raw dog food. These products are easy to store in the freezer, quick-thawing and delicious. 

Northwest Naturals Frozen Raw Diet for Dogs

These easy-carry bags carry Individual Quick Frozen nuggets acceptable for any dog size. These meat, organ and bone nuggets are the perfect treat or addition to your pup's everyday meal! You can also switch it up with delicious flavors like Beef, Chicken, Turkey, or Trout

Smallbatch Cat Frozen Sliders

This feline formula consists of 97% humanely raised and harvested meat, 1% organic produce, and 2% natural supplements to create a 100% healthy and delicious meal. With flavors like Turkey and Chicken, even the pickiest kitties will be excited about every meal.

Primal Pronto Scoop & Serve Frozen Raw Formula

Let your pet enjoy the tastes and benefits of frozen-fresh raw food without waiting! Primal Pronto Frozen Formulas thaw in minutes and are just as easy to scoop and serve as kibble. This formula comes in Beef and Lamb for dogs and Chicken or Chicken and Salmon for cats.

Give your dog a well-balanced meal that they will love by incorporating raw nutrients! Changing your dog's diet can feel daunting - we're here to help. Find all of your frozen and freeze-dried raw foods at Toiffer or on our website today!