Top 10 Underrated Pet Products We Love

Hi, I'm Jarvis! I'm a sweet doodle, always looking for the next new treat to try and a toy to play with. Lucky for me, my mom always comes home with a fun new Toiffer product for me to test out!

From brain-stimulating puzzles to heart-healthy supplements, there are many excellent products that can boost your pet's health and happiness. And as the head product tester for Toiffer, I know my way around all of these fantastic products. 

Looking for a new treat for your furry friend? Here are my top 10 favorite products you may not know about!

K9 Natural Oil Formulas

A healthier, more nutrient-packed meal is just a couple of pumps away! K9 Natural makes fantastic oil formulas that offer your cat or dog essential nutrients. Simply add the oil to your pet's daily meal! And you can choose from hip + joint health, brain + eye health and oil and skin + coat health oil to cater to your pet's needs. 

Allure Food Topper

The Allure food topper is made from iron-rich and heart-friendly dried beef blood. Perfect for the pickiest of cats and dogs, this low-fat treat will make every meal exciting and as healthy as tasty.

Frozen Raw Bones 

Trick your dog into clean, healthy teeth! Northwest Naturals Raw Frozen Dog Bones can be added to your dog's daily diet as a fun treat or snack. It is a stimulating activity and a natural source of protein, fat, and minerals to clean teeth and freshen breath. Northwest Naturals only uses Beef that is Grass-fed, sourced in the USA and hormone-free. 

Beef Crumble from Nature's Logic

Nature's Logic Beef Crumble adds 100% natural, real meat protein and a boost of heart-healthy taurine, cystine, and methionine to every meal. This meal topper is great for picky eaters that enjoy a grain-free diet.

Snoop Planet Dog

Here's a fun little puzzle and brain teaser for your pup! The Orbee Tuff Snoop interactive toy easy-fill design will release little treats as your dog nudges, rolls, and plays with the toy. It's FDA-approved and made in the USA with non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalate-free rubber! And with peppermint oil added to the material, it has an enticing minty scent that you will love.

Kelp jerky 

Here is a healthy treat your cat or dog will love! Perfectly Plain Kelp Jerky is nutritious, delicious and naturally full of taste with an "al dente" texture that pets love. Kelp is a vitamin and mineral-rich nutritional powerhouse with 10x the calcium of milk. This completely sustainable treat is also an excellent option for sensitive tummies.

Cat Toy - Karma Cat

Get your cat excited and entertained with a natural wool and bamboo teaser! These toys are made in Nepal and use lanolin, which offers a feline allure similar to catnip. The wool fibers' rough edges help clean plaque off your cat's teeth and keep claws clean while they play. These toys come in adorable fish, mouse and octopus designs.

Messy Mutt Licky Mat 

Does your dog have separation anxiety or a tough time calming down at the end of the day? Try this pro tip! Use the Messy Mutt Licky Mat and Nature's Logic Calming Peanut Butter to create a delicious treat that distracts, entertains and calms down your pup. It will give them a fun activity as you slip out the door and a calmer mind in just a few moments. 

Organic Paw + Snout Balm

This locally-created treat helps pets from their paws to the tip of their nose! The Montana Mutt Paw and Snout Balm is made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils. Just rub your pup's paw directly into the balm to soothe sensitive pads and moisturize dry skin. 

Kin + Kind Leave-In Ear Cleaner 

Your pet can have clean, healthy ears with hardly any effort on your part! The Kin + Kind Kitty or Dog Ear Cleaner is an easy-to-administer cleaner that helps your pet avoid yeast infections, bad smells, irritation and scratching. The simple leave-in formula is vegan and USDA organic your pet and the earth will love.


Elevate your pet's daily life with products that are good for them and gentle on the planet! Find all of these great products on our website or stop by our store to talk to a fellow pet lover! Bring your furry friend to help us with a bit of product testing while you browse!