The Magical Benefits of Pet Supplements

Hi, I’m Leo! I am a sweet Seattle mutt known for my rambunctious attitude, snores, and very sensitive stomach. My mom got tired of dealing with my digestive issues (even though I volunteered to help clean up every time) and introduced supplements into my diet. Now I love mealtime, and my mom loves the zero post-meal cleanups. 

Nobody likes an upset tummy. Or itchy skin. Or joint pain. Pets are no exception! Luckily,
effective pet supplements can help.

Just like regular vet visits, grooming, and an ample amount of snuggles, pet supplements are an essential part of your pet’s health. Here are some important things to know about pet supplements. 

What are pet supplements?

You or someone you know takes daily vitamins, right? Supplements are like daily vitamins for pets.

They can come in many forms, from crumbles to powders to milk. Just like with human vitamins, each pet supplement has powerful ingredients to target your cat or dog’s needs, like strengthening joints or helping with digestion. 

How do you know if your pet needs supplements?

All cats and dogs can benefit from pet supplements. But your pet can give you little (or large) clues that pet supplements would be a productive addition to their diet. 

A sensitive stomach can cause your pet pain, nausea, irregular bowel movements, and loss of interest in some of their favorite activities. If your pup is ignoring their favorite treat or leaving their most prized toy to fend for itself, it’s a sign that they may be struggling with digestion or stomach pain. 

Other signs may be fur loss, a dull coat, allergies, itching… the list is long. 

But the best way to know if your pet needs an extra boost of nutrients is by talking with your veterinarian. Not all supplements offer the same benefits, so talking to your vet will narrow down the best options for your furry family member. 

Why should your pet try supplements?

Good for digestion

Supplements like raw goat’s milk and kefir are useful for pets experiencing digestion problems. The probiotics and essential vitamins will ease digestion and help your pet absorb crucial nutrients.

Introduces important nutrients into your pet’s diet

On top of improving absorption of your pet’s daily food, meal topper supplements will add vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients to your pet’s daily diet. 

Helps your pet age gracefully

You can help your pet’s aging process through the right supplements. Aging dogs are more susceptible to joint issues, so supplements specific to joint support will help them stay lively and happy well into old age

Improves your pet’s skin and coat

Healthy skin and coat are so much more than a soft and glossy shine - if your dog is itching 24/7 or shedding excessively, they may benefit from more fats in their diet. Not only will pet supplements cut down on allergies or skin irritations, but fatty acids can also boost systems that fight fungal infections, hotspots, and bugs. 

You can tailor your supplements to your pet’s needs

There are several different types of pet supplements out there - so you can tailor your choices to your pet’s specific needs. 

Whether you notice an issue or your vet suggests a change, Toiffer offers several options and can help you find the perfect supplement for your pet! 

Some of our favorite pet supplements 

Toiffer Pet Outfitter has a great collection of pet supplements that are great for your pet and gentle on the planet. From sustainably-sourced ingredients to preservative-free recipes, here are our favorite pet supplements that offer substantial benefits with a small carbon footprint.

For even more saving and convenience, we offer a supplement subscription program that will add a discount and send your chosen supplements on a timeline of your choice!

Austin and Kat Joint Supplement

Austin and Kat Daily Joint Support is an effective joint support food topper for dogs. 100% sustainably-harvested green-lipped mussels and optimized curcumin create powerful joint support so pups can leap and bound pain-free. For aging pets or pets that already show signs of joint weakness, Austin and Kat Joint Support Plus is a powerful and fast-acting supplement.

Answers Raw Goat Milk

Answers raw goat milk is an outstanding addition to the diet of both dogs and cats. The fermentation of raw milk introduces billions of healthy probiotics to your pet. This raw goat’s milk helps with ease of digestion and nutrient absorption. The naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids make this Mother Nature’s superfood! 

Nature’s Logic Beef Crumble

Nature’s Logic Beef Crumble is a food topper that dogs go crazy over. The extra boost of protein is wonderful for heart health, and the grain-free recipe is perfect for sensitive tummies. The delicious real-beef flavor doesn’t hurt either - even the pickiest eaters will love their daily intake of supplements!

Open Farm Goat Milk and Kefir

Open Farm Goat Milk and Kefir is a certified-humane blend of goat’s milk with active cultures, probiotics, and anti-inflammatory superfoods. This meal topper is perfect for pets having trouble with digestion or allergies. This magic milk comes in multiple versions for different needs: Digestion Blend, Turmeric (for gut health), Relaxation Blend and Antioxidant Blend.

K9 Natural Dog Milk

K9 Natural Dog Milk is a lactose-free daily supplement that packs fatty acids, calcium, and heart-healthy nutrients into one complete meal topper. With no artificial preservatives or flavors, this pet supplement has everything your pooch needs without the fake stuff.  

Feline Natural Cat Milk 

Feline Natural Cat Milk daily supplement is one of the best additions you can make to your cat’s diet. With Omega 3, lactose-free, and no artificial preservatives or flavors - Feline Natural Cat Milk retains all the natural goodness your kitty deserves.

Open Farm Bone Broth

Open Farm Bone Broth is great for boosting essential nutrients and elevating your pet’s dinner. The easy-travel packs come in 3 delicious flavors - Beef, Chicken and Turkey. On top of that, ingredients like ethically raised, grass-fed beef and locally-sourced veggies help this bone broth check off everything on our sustainability list. 

Nature’s Logic North Atlantic Sardine Oil Omega-3 Oil Blend

Nature's Logic North Atlantic Sardine Oil Blend is a fantastic meal topper for pets experiencing skin or coat conditions. This sustainably-made oil blend leverages nutritional benefits from wild sardines and is supplemented with Anchovy, Herring and Mackerel oils. A simple and effective source of EPA and DHA, this pharmaceutical-grade supplement will support healthy skin, coat and brain health.

Elevating your pet’s diet can elevate their daily life! Find all of these pet supplements on our website or stop by our store to talk to a fellow pet lover! Make sure to bring your furry friend for an ear scratch from the Toiffer team.