The Story of Toiffer: The Dog and the Planet-Friendly Pet Outfitter Named After Him

Toiffer (Toy-fur) Pet Outfitter carries my name, so it’s fitting that I tell you about the store’s inspiration and our commitment to pet- and planet-friendly goods and services.

A Fairy Tale Start

Once upon a time, a handsome young Argentinian named Lalo fell in love with a beautiful girl called Any. He decided to give her an amazing gift … me! 

For the occasion, I added black spots to my white coat by rolling in oil at a gas station. Lalo knocked on Any’s window late that night and handed me to her. The next morning, a scream woke us—Any’s mother, wondering what filthy, smelly beast had crept into the room.

The German neighbors referred to me as Teuffel (Toy-ful), meaning devil, which ended up as Toiffer in Spanish. Yes, I was inquisitive and mischievous and had a great trick of swimming underwater. But the best days were the ones I spent with the couple’s daughter, Alina.

A Passion for Nature and Animals

Alina was a child still when I was called to the Rainbow Bridge. But she grew up in a family that loved the outdoors. Her dad continually brought home animals needing rescue and rehab, from birds with broken wings to tortoises full of ticks to a python about to be killed. 

Alina shared his passion and studied to become a scientist. In 2002, an invitation from Dr. Tom Martin of the University of Montana Wildlife Biology Program brought her to Missoula. From her first look at the town, it was love.

I watched as she made it her forever home with Dr. Tim McCue and little Zafra, a quiet and sweet good girl. Later, sons Wyatt and Cooper joined the family. 

And then came Jarvis.

The Quest for Sustainable Pet Goods

Jarvis is a labradoodle as black as I am white. Alina wanted the family’s new pup to have the best food, toys, bedding, leashes, and packs she could find—but that also supported her commitment to environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, beautifully crafted products. That wasn’t easy.

Realizing that others in Montana and beyond must struggle with the same problem, she founded Toiffer to outfit dogs and cats with goods that support her values and vision. 

Just as importantly, Toiffer serves as a resource for all your questions about living with dogs and cats in pet- and planet-friendly ways.

A Curated Selection of Green Pet Products

Toiffer offers products that meet one or more of the criteria below for pet goods.

Recyclable: Whether a product contains recyclable materials—or can be recycled—it helps keep waste out of landfills.

Organic or Natural: You and your family probably avoid foods containing pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or chemical preservatives, because it’s better for you and the environment. Your pet deserves the same.

Sustainable: Products with a minimal impact on our environment keep our planet’s resources available for the generations of people and pets.

Durable: Toys, bedding, leashes, collars, and other products that last longer won’t be thrown in the trash as quickly—and can even be passed on to another pet.

Local: Buying products made in Missoula and Montana supports our community and cuts down on packaging needed, fuel consumed, and emissions produced during shipping.

Beautiful: Pet products like leather collars and leashes handcrafted by artisans spark joy every time you use them—and show just how much you love your pets.

To learn more about Toiffer pet outfitters and sustainable products and services for your dog and cat, visit us online or in person—and don’t forget to bring your pet along. 

I’ll be there in spirit.