The Toiffer Toy Awards Show: Our Favorite Pet Toys

It's time for Toiffer's prestigious pet toy award show! 

Here are some of our favorite pet toys that are durable, adorable, sustainable and will make your pet crazy happy.

Toiffer's Toy Picks

We have lots of toys at Toiffer. Our best-of list will help you choose the perfect toy for your pet.

Without further ado, here are the "Best Of" Toiffer Toy Awards Show winners!

A Formidable Foe: The Most Durable Toy 

Perfect for pets with a strong bite!

For Dogs: Zee.Dog Cyclops

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This may look like a classic plush toy, but this cute cyclops can hold its own against puppy and dog teeth with a super tough natural rubber core. With no stuffing to clean up and a built-in gnaw guard to add a layer of safety, this is an excellent toy for dogs that go through plush toys like potato chips. 

For Cats: Cat Kicker Catnip Toy

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This catnip-treated plush toy is more substantial than your standard cat teasers and streamers. Made with stylish and strong canvas fabric, this toy is filled with a mix of catnip and fluff. This toy is the perfect size and shape for your kitty to hold on to, kick and play the day away.

The Green Award: Best Sustainable Toy

We love toys that use sustainable ingredients and products to great a toy great for both pets and the planet.

For Dogs: High Roller Plus from Cycle Dog

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Sustainability and durability? Sign us up! This USA-made rubber bouncy toy is crafted with Ecolast post-consumer recycled material and offers many fun opportunities. The erratic bounce makes it a fun challenge for your pup to chase, and the party doesn't stop when this floating toy hits the water - perfect for some summer fetching. 

For Cats: Friendsheep Ladybug

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All of the wool-based creations by Friendsheep are great for your cat and the planet. Crafted from 100% organic and cruelty-free wool and colored with eco-friendly azo-free dyes, this toy has a footprint as small as the ladybug that inspired it. 

For the Artiste: The Most Creative Toy

We love toys with maximal imagination! Here are our current creative favorites.

For Dogs: 80's Boombox Toy from P.L.A.Y.

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A Boombox with extra subwoofers! This adorable 80s nostalgic toy comes with a hidden bonus toy sewn inside the boombox (because what is a boombox without an epic mixtape?).

For Cats: Felines and Feminists Catnip Nuggets

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Give your kitty an important lesson in feminist history with these cute mini-toys that depict different famous feminists from around the world. See your kitty appreciate strong women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Laverne Cox, Michelle Obama, Shirley Chisholm, Frida Kahlo, and Malala Yousafzai.

Trendsetting: The Cutest Toy

These are our top toys that make us say “Awwww!”

For Dogs: Fringe toy Whoooo's There Owl

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Whoooo's going to have a good time? Any dog that gets to play with this adorable owl toy! This cute dog toy is made with recycled and natural materials and offers multiple textures and sounds with extra loud squeakers, crinkle paper and TPR spikey squeaker balls.

For Cats: Mouse Teaser Cat Toy

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This teaser toy is adorable on its own, but once you get your cat into the mix, it only gets cuter! The toy is made of eco-friendly wool, bamboo and lanolin (which has a similar effect to catnip). Their multi-strand design has nine 12" strings and is made to last, so you can watch your kitty jump, pounce and dance all day long. 


For the Nail Biters: The Best Toy for Anxious Pets

Got an anxious pup or kitty? These are our top two toys for pets that need a little extra help relaxing. 

For Dogs: Fishbone Tough Chew Toy  

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Whether from an intense thunderstorm or mom heading to the grocery store, puppies can get anxious! So having something to help release some nervous energy will ease your dog and save your kitchen trash. This fishbone tough chew toy is a great option since it is a treat and toy in one! Infused with (non-smelly) fish flavor, your nervous pup will enjoy this tasty and durable distraction. 

For Cats: Kong Catnip Infused Gyro Toy

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Your kitty will never get tired of this treat-dispensing cat toy! The Kong uses a catnip infusion and a treat-dispensing container to keep your kitty entertained and distracted as you take on the day. 

Elevate your pet's daily life with products that are good for them and gentle on the planet!

Find all these great pet toys on our website or stop by our store to talk to a fellow pet lover. Bring your furry friend to help us with some product testing while you browse!