Tools To Keep Your Dog Entertained Inside

Dogs may not be able to speak, but that doesn't mean they can't communicate. We have all seen the following messages on our dog's faces:

"I need to go to the bathroom."

"Mom, you're three minutes late getting me my dinner."

Or our personal favorite:

"I'm feeling bored and anxious, so the second you leave the house, I'm going to howl and perhaps get into the trash can." 

That last message can feel especially hard to approach. From avoiding bad weather to heading back to the office for work, pups may be getting more inside and alone time than they would prefer. And as an owner, you may feel helpless when you need to leave your dog inside.

Luckily, you can have handy tools in your back pocket to calm down anxious pups and give them some entertainment while you're away.

Here are our favorite strategies to keep pups calm and entertained during an inside day!

Snuffle mats

Get your little super-sniffers something to play with while you're away! Snuffle mats are a great way to stimulate your dog's senses and give them a distraction if you have an anxious pup. Snuffle mats are also great for healthy digestion as they help elongate the excitement of a treat and assist over-enthusiastic eaters slow their roll on dinner.

All you need to do is pull out the snuffle mat, sprinkle tiny treats or kibble in the folds, and watch your dog have a blast finding every little morsel hiding in the fabric.

We have several adorable and creative snuffle mats with designs that range from avocados to pizzas to sharks and even a full breakfast spread.

CBD Products

An empty house can be unsettling and full of potential trouble to find for a dog that struggles with anxiety. If you're an owner constantly asking, "I wonder what they got into this time?" Every time you return home, consider treating your pup to some calming CBD products when they'll have some alone time. 

The calming results of CBD can be achieved by infused oils, peanut butters and chewable treats that your pup will love.

Lick Mats

Sometimes, your pup needs both entertainment and a little help getting calm. That's where this secret weapon comes in! There's no better dynamic duo than a licky mat with some calming CBD peanut butter. Your dog will be nice and distracted with the tasty peanut butter, and by the time they're done with their treat, the calming effects of the CBD will help them relax.

In the summer months, or if you want to elongate your dog's fun with the licky mat, you can throw the whole thing in the freezer for a frozen treat that lasts much longer.

Calming Meal Toppers

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - for you and your pup! If you want to help them start the day right with a calming blend of nutrients, a tranquility meal topper is a great option.

Austin & Kat say that their No More Wiggles Meal Topper is akin to a calming cup of herbal tea for your pup. This popular blend is full of handpicked adaptogenic herbs, calming botanicals, and king trumpet mushrooms, offering proven results that help support the nervous system in times of stress. Incorporating this meal topper into your dog's breakfast can help them prepare for the day's adventures or challenges. 


Maybe your dog doesn't deal with anxiety but does have an impressive ability to get into all sorts of trouble when they're bored. Doggy puzzles are a great way to combat the torn-up shoes and bathroom trash explorations that boredom can cause.

Dogs of all sizes need durable, engaging puzzles that keep them entertained while trying to unlock the tasty treats inside. And for owners, a cuteness factor doesn't hurt! We have several puzzles that work for dogs of all sizes.

For a classic puzzle look, this beautiful turquoise puzzle is a challenging level 3 puzzle game that will keep your dog busy for hours as they use their instincts to hunt for hidden treats. Small, simple puzzles come in sizes for big dogs and little dogs that are great for on-the-go fun or fun entertainment that fits in a crate.

Keep your pet calm and home intact with these great tools to entertain your pup on an inside day. We love finding quality products that are good for your pet and gentle on the planet. Bring your furry friend to help us with product testing while you browse. Find all of these great products on our website or stop by our store to talk to a fellow pet lover.