Why We Love the Pet Food We Carry

If there is an experience that most dog and cat owners enjoy, it's the adorable pre-eating ritual before you place a food bowl in front of your pet. Maybe it includes excited whines, meows or wild tail-wagging. Other pets may be unable to hold their composure as they sit and wait to hear "ok!". Some may proudly carry their bowl around the house to announce that it is, in fact, time for dinner. But, no matter what ritual you and your pet have, it is probably the best part of your pet's day. 

Our Toiffer team believes this happy daily ritual should be paired with the best possible nutrition for your pet. That's why we have dedicated our careers to only offering sustainable brands that take your pet's food seriously. 

We have spent countless hours researching pet food brands, so you don't have to. Want to take a sneak peek into our process? Here is a breakdown of why we absolutely LOVE the pet food brands that we carry. 

What do we prioritize when choosing pet food brands to support?

The proper stamps of approval

When it comes to ensuring pet food brands are checking the right boxes, we always look to the experts in the industry. From certified organic blends to certified humane production processes, we prioritize the food brands listed as products to trust from highly reputable sources

Optimal nutrition

We only support pet food brands that produce quality, nutrition-forward, filler-free meals. We love to prioritize brands that leverage natural sources of essential nutrients and offer a well-rounded meal for all pet breeds, sizes, and stages of life. 

Gentle on the planet

We only support food brands that have a fierce dedication to the planet and work with sustainable practices that are transparent and actionable. All the brands we carry are doing their best to be ethical and sustainable in packaging, ingredient sourcing and production.


We ensure that every pet food blend we carry will keep your pet engaged and excited for every meal! We want your cat or dog to be as excited about what is in their food bowl as we are. 

Pet Food Brands that we are proud to carry

Open Farm

Open Farm offers different products and flavor blends that prioritize nutrition and sustainability. They leverage traceable, organic and delicious ingredients, from 100% grass-fed beef to Pacific wild-caught salmon. They also use sustainable packaging materials - you can bring empty packaging back to our store, and Toiffer will recycle it responsibly. 


Answers is a thought leader in the pet food industry that leverages a unique fermentation process to bring out the best in every ingredient. They are the only brand offering fish stock in their blends and options that include maximal nutrition with minimal ingredients - perfect for pets with allergies. 

Nature's Logic

Nature's Logic uses minimal plastic in its packaging and leverages wind + solar-generated energy, putting energy back into the grid with every pound of food they sell. In addition, AAFCO procedures substantiate that Nature's Logic Canine Beef Meal Feast provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.


Fromm Pet Food is a sustainable choice that offers fantastic pet nutrition, including specialized blends for cats, puppies, large breeds, adult dogs and nursing mamas. It even stays true to its local Wisconsin roots by including some local cheese in some of its foods. 

K9 Naturals

K9 Naturals creates some of the best pet products on the market, and their pet food is no exception. From food toppers to supplements to grain-free protein blends, all of the wholefood ingredients are sourced in New Zealand and can be traced back to the farm. 


Nutrisource provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated, easy-to-digest food. With tons of great options spanning kibble size, protein source and nutrition blends, you can choose a pet food blend that matches the needs of your furry friend. 

Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals allows your pet you eat the same meats found at your finest natural food stores. All of their muscle and organ meats are chopped (not ground) and partially frozen when processing to preserve the highest quality nutrients and the integrity of the ingredient quality. With frozen and freeze-dried raw options, your pet will always be able to enjoy the benefits of a raw diet. 


Steve's frozen and freeze-dried raw pet food features free-range and vegetarian-fed meats making raw feeding easy, convenient and affordable. These mixed-protein pet foods use each animal's optimal meat and organs to ensure complete nutrition. They are also fortified with Goats Milk to promote easy digestion and add essential nutrients! 


Primal frozen pet food blends keep the pet's nutrition and owner's convenience front of mind. For example, the Pronto frozen beef bites thaw in minutes and come in a convenient, bite-sized, easy-to-portion format, so all you need to do is scoop and serve. Each option is made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce, crafted especially for your canine, from their frozen patties to nuggets.

Small Batch

Small Batch pet food offers a lightly-cooked blend of humanely-raised and hormone-free meats and certified organic non-GMO veggies. In addition, small Batch prioritizes a local, environment and earth-conscious process by only partnering with locally-procured ranchers and farmers that maintain transparent food policies.

Farmina N&D

Farmina N&D’s mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love. By choosing quality ingredients with naturally-occurring antioxidants and no GMOs, this pet food leverages sustainable practices, science and passion to create a fantastic meal for your pet. 


Give your dog a well-balanced meal that they will love with one of the several fantastic pet food brands we carry! Changing your dog's diet can feel daunting - we're here to help. Find excellent, nutritious, sustainable foods at Toiffer or on our website today!