Toiffer Waterproof Collar Pretty Lilac

Toiffer Waterproof Collar Pretty Lilac

Toiffer Waterproof Collar Pretty Lilac

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Stay Stylish and Comfortable with this Waterproof Dog Collar: Upgrade your dog's accessory game with this high-quality, Flex-Poly Coated Nylon Dog Collar. Stylish, durable, and simple to clean!

Designed for durability and comfort, it stands up against dirt, odors, and water, making it ideal for any weather or adventure. The coated D-ring significantly reduces tag jangling noise, offering a more peaceful walk.

Its buttery texture and softly rounded edges ensure your pup avoids any rubbing, chafing, or irritation, suitable for prolonged wear and active days.

Cleaning is a breeze – simply wipe with mild soap and water.

The collar's adjustable design accommodates your growing dog, ensuring a perfect fit over time.

Perfectly coordinating with the matching leash and poop bag carrier, this collar is a must-have for fashion-forward, active dogs and their owners.

Extra Small: Neck Circumference = 7"-10", Strap Width = 1/2"
Small: Neck Circumference = 8"-12", Strap Width = 3/4"
Medium: Neck Circumference = 12"-15", Strap Width = 3/4"
Large: Neck Circumference = 15"-18", Strap Width = 1"
Extra Large: Neck Circumference = 18"-23", Strap Width = 1"

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