Apres Ski Blue Alpaca Blend Sweater

Apres Ski Blue Alpaca Blend Sweater

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Après ski perfection, the cozy Alpaca blend handknit sweater is yoked in Fair Isle patterning in oceanic blues. Made of the softest yarn, it's lightweight and hypoallergenic, and perhaps most importantly of all, it is wonderfully soft for both you and your pet. This garment has been designed thinking on the well-being of your pet.

-Handcrafted from alpaca fiber blends

-Soft and warm to the touch

-Not itchy & hypoallergenic

-Leash opening

Composition: 50% Alpaca, 45 % Acrylic, 5% Wool.

Easy to care for and machine washable on delicate cycle.

Made in Peru by artisans using original designs in native Andean luxury fibers.

Alqwasi combines textile heritage and global trends with Alpaca-a raw, sustainable, and luxurious fiber-to make their designs unique.

Sizing (Sizing Guide in photo gallery): In order to calculate your pooch’s size, you’ll need to measure your dog’s length from the base of the neck to the base of their tail, which serves as the primary measurement in our clothing. The neck, as well as the breed guide provided in the sizing chart, will help ensure you select the correct size for your dog in the particular product style you desire.

* Shadings and variations are common in handmade products.

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