Ramona For You Media Naranja Leather & Denim Collar

Ramona For You Media Naranja Leather & Denim Collar

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When a pet comes into our life, they compliment and make it better, they will always have the other half of our heart.

In our Revival Collection we classified denim by its shade and matched it with a particular leather color, so each collar makes a statement and pops out on your dog’s neck.

Our goal was to create a design that minimizes leather and textile waste, so your pet can wear a conscious and unique piece that lasts forever and has a direct environmental impact. 

Inspired by a classic and timeless design.

Fitted with 100% brass hardware, high-quality leather and upcycled denim.

Crafted by skilled artisans from Guatemala with an obsessive attention to detail in a product that is meant to last a lifetime, just like the lifelong bond between you & your fluff.

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