Ramona For You Fairy Lavender Leather Collar

Ramona For You Fairy Lavender Leather Collar

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Mystical, yet classy. This collection is starting out in four color combinations which were carefully selected to perpetuate through time, just as they will always have a place inside our hearts.

The classic and elegant design of these collars is to be an accessory that highlights your furry child's personality by creating a Timeless design that keeps it's elegance through a meticulous handmade manufacture by skilled artisans from Guatemala.

Each of our products were crafted with high quality leather dyed with high-environmental standards and 100% brass hardware with our statement customizable brass tag.

About Ramona For You

The brand was born from the concern to create a conscious product that consolidates latin-american art, culture, design and ethical craftsmanship with passion and love for animals.

Our products celebrate responsibility and a master’s commitment of love and care to his furry family member through the act of putting a collar by creating an ethical brand for you and your pet without forgetting about style, security and practicality.


We've invested in 100% leather over synthetic or vegan leather because it is one of the most resistant organic and biodegradable materials. That's why our collections use high quality local leather, dyed with high environmental standards and safety regulations to prevent harm and toxicity in our environment.


The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Because of this, we seek to reduce our environmental impact by taking advantage of leather scraps to avoid waste and carefully selecting the textile materials we're using in our products without losing quality, durability and style.


Brass is one of the most durable metals and that's why each Ramona item is fitted with the highest and certified quality brass hardware with a glossy finish. Our brass tags are fully customizable.


Each Ramona item is crafted with meticulous attention to detail by artisans from San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala which developed a unique and exclusive leather technique for our brand.

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