Lemon Verbena Deodorizing Shampoo Bar for Dogs

Lemon Verbena Deodorizing Shampoo Bar for Dogs

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Major Darling's cold-processed shampoo bars are specifically pH-balanced for dogs. Detergent free – cleans without stripping a dog's natural skin oils that are necessary for good skin and coat health. 

The deodorizing dog shampoo bar combines the refreshing scent of lemon verbena with the antibacterial powers of rosemary and bay leaf.

To Use: Soak fur with lukewarm water. Rub bar directly onto wet pup, then lather with your hands. Rinse well and tell your darling how gorgeous they look!

Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, mango and olive, neem oil, shea butter, pine tar, and a proprietary blend of essential oils.

No fillers, sulfates, parabens, palm oil, or synthetic fragrances. Only good stuff.

Packaged in an eco-friendly box.

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