Steve's Dog & Cat Freeze Dried Chicken Nuggets

Steve's Dog & Cat Freeze Dried Chicken Nuggets

Steve's Real Food

For Cats & Dogs

Steve's Freeze-Dried Diets are complete, balanced, and loaded with nutrition. It is crafted using free range, antibiotic-free, vegetarian fed chicken. The Chicken Diet is high in manganese and magnesium, which are crucial for ligament health, and a mid-range fat and protein profile, making it a good option for high-energy dogs. Steve’s uses the B.A.R.F. formulation making our meat-to-produce ratio at 80%/20%. It is packed full of functional foods that provide both protein and all the essential vitamins and minerals that help promote strong bones, fight diseases, and supports organ function.


  • Free-Range, Vegetarian Fed Chicken
  • Fortified with Goat Milk
  • Human-Quality Ingredients
  • Grain-Free Recipe
  • Features Real Chicken, Organs & Ground Bone
  • Made in the USA!

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