'frida' Folksy Laminated Dog Collar

'frida' Folksy Laminated Dog Collar

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Inspired by our unibrow roots, this Frida dog collar showcases a fiesta of flowers 🌸, cactus 🌡, palomas πŸ•Š + most of all bright happy colors 🌈! It is laminated so your whites stay white and your little Frida or Diego stays fresh year round!

At Mimi Green we are committed to creating the very best designer dog collars for your pooch. We know how special each and every dog is, and we strive to design little works of art that truly set your dog apart from the rest! At Mimi Green, you can always count on the highest quality hand-made dog collars. All of our collars are not only cool, fun and stylish, but:

  • Made with contoured buckles.
  • Utilize large gauge D-Rings so you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead
  • Β Made with washable designer laminated cotton fabric so you can keep your pup’s hand-made dog collar in pristine condition
  • Made in the USA

Small: 2". 10-12"L 5/8"W

Medium: 3". 12-15"L 5/8"W


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