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Fromm Banana Kablamas Treats 6oz

Fromm Banana Kablamas Treats 6oz


Fromm Crunchy O's Banana Kablammas. When you fuse bananas, oats, and cinnamon, you get an explosive crunch of flavor. Here at Fromm, that means we're making a great dog treat that's delicious, wholesome, and recklessly crunchy. Leave it to our Flash Fowler to ditch the oven and detonate a banana and cinnamon blowout of deliciousness. Grab your ear plugs and take cover when your dog chomps this banana-flavored blast.

Key Benefits:

  • Low-calorie, crunchy treat
  • High-protein, flavorful, circle-shaped snacks
  • Bananas, oats, and cinnamon for an explosive crunch of flavor
  • Caloric content: 2 calories per treat (approximate)
  • Made in USA

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