Green Element 5mg CBD Cheese Bites

Green Element 5mg CBD Cheese Bites

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  • CBD Bites contain full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD. 
  • Give CBD Bites daily to support your pets natural inflammatory response.
  • CBD Bites may help your pet maintain a balanced emotional state during periods of situational anxiety.  
  • No preservatives, no flavorings, no additives, no salt, no sugar, no grain, no fillers. None. Just cannabinoids as nature intended.  Grown, Extracted, and Made in Oregon.

    How do you make the best edible CBD for pets?

    Our goal was nothing short of creating the most palatable CBD dog chew with the cleanest and simplest ingredient list. 

    We started with the intense flavors of freeze dried local organic cheese and infused it with our Organic Full Spectrum CBD.  The result?  A portable convenient CBD chew that no pup can refuse.  Guaranteed! 

    Whether you choose the 100mg Trail Pack or the 300mg Pantry Pack, you get the guaranteed freshness, guaranteed palatability, and guaranteed quality that back all Green Element products.

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