Kong Gyro Puzzle Dog Toy

Kong Gyro Puzzle Dog Toy

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  • Entertaining roll and flip action encourages playtime and promotes tons of healthy exercise.
  • Gradual treat-dispensing toy for extended playtime so your pal can play longer.
  • Fun, erratic rolling makes this the perfect interactive toy, so you can push it around on the floor and play with him too.
  • Unique see-through ball also promotes mental stimulation since the treats make noise while rolling the toy around.
  • Easy to screw the top off and add all the treats your heart desires.

Watch your canine companion enjoy playtime with KONG Gyro Dog Toy. This irresistible toy entices and intrigues your pal with its rolling and flipping motion. It encourages your furry friend to push, paw and roll the toy around since it’s made with a center spinning orb and static outer ring for hours of enjoyment. Also, the more he pushes, paws and rolls, the more treats will come out for him to savor. The orbiting figure toy supports hours of independent play, so you can go back to completing your own duties. Plus, it’s available in small or large, so you can pick the best size for your pal.

Gyro delivers roll-and-flip treat dispensing action and holiday cheer, keeping dogs intrigued for extended play. Center orb spins while outer ring stays put, encouraging dogs to push, paw and roll Gyro dispensing tasty treats along the way. Ideal for independent play during the busy holiday season, it holds ½ cup of kibbles or treats.


  • Entertaining roll-and-flip action
  • Dispenses food and treats
  • Ideal for independent play
  • Provides mental stimulation
Small: 5" x 5" x 3"
Large: 3.75" x 6.75" x 6.75"
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