Optagest Disgestive Aid Stick (2gr)

Optagest Disgestive Aid Stick (2gr)

Optagest Disgestive Aid Stick (2gr)

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Optagest is a scientifically formulated, clinically tested product designed to provide optimal GI support, settle upset tummies, increase the bioavailability of nutrients in food, and to support good digestion in your cat or dog!

Optagest’s 5 ingredient simple, but proven, formulation includes a USDA Organically Certified prebiotic and incorporates natural plant enzymes to aid your dog’s GI tract to perform optimally!  The natural prebiotic in Optagest serves as food for the native bacteria naturally found in your pet’s GI tract, which, in turn, promotes optimal intestinal health and balance.  The natural plant enzymes are designed to work with your pet’s system to help break down the fat, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates in food-making the nutrients more bioavailable.

Did you know that 70% of the immune system is housed in the digestive tract?  Daily use of Optagest provides great value for the GI tract, but an added benefit is its support and boost for a healthy immune system!  The gentle, but effective, prebiotic provides food to increase the “good bacteria” in the pet’s GI tract, which in turn competitively reduces the number of “bad bacteria”.

Optagest is an excellent choice as a daily supplement to support good digestive and immune health, or to help your pet maintain intestinal balance during stressful events like changing food brands, traveling or when you are away. Optagest is available in 7 stick Tummy Trouble Fix It packs, 60 stick boxes, 100-gram bottles, and 300-gram bottles. Optagest is so easy to use-just sprinkle it on your dog or cat’s food daily!

Benefits of Optagest:

  • Promotes the “good bacteria” naturally found in the intestinal tract of your pet, which encourages balanced digestion and supports immune health.
  • Beneficial for pets that have gas, constipation, or inconsistent stools.
  • Aids in increasing the availability of key nutrients in the food.
  • Firms loose stools and helps improve hard stools associated with constipation.
  • Simple formula that does not include any ingredients that would upset sensitive stomachs.
  • Promotes a healthy immune system. Easy to feed, just sprinkle it on!
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