Pop'n Purr Candy Cat Toy with Silvervine (refillable)

Pop'n Purr Candy Cat Toy with Silvervine (refillable)

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Treat your whiskered friend to a delightful and enchanting playtime with our newest collection of confection, Pop 'n Purrs! Designed with both your cat's entertainment and health in mind, this treat is a guilt-free sugar rush that will keep your kitty engaged for hours on end. 

Each candy comes pre-filled with our high quality lab-certified Cloud Nine silver vine, a natural cat attractant that cats find simply irresistible. It doesn't stop there! You can pop the top and refill it with whatever attractant or tasty treat your cat likes best.

Your cat will love:
• the smell
• the feeling of euphoria
• batting and bopping the ball
• hiding it under the couch for dessert before dinner

You will love:
• that it's refillable
• washable
• pre-loaded with Cloud Nine silvervine and that it can be refilled with any of your cat's favorite attractants

Colors vary.

Candies are approximately 1.75 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide in the wrapper.

As with any toy, please keep an eye on your pet during playtime.

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