Toiffer Comfort Harness Rosy Blush

Toiffer Comfort Harness Rosy Blush

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This Adjustable Cushioned Dog Harness is tailored for your dog's ultimate comfort.

This is a lightweight harness crafted from soft, stretchy, and resilient materials, perfect for long walks and adventures.

Featuring four attachment points, it adapts to various walking styles, ensuring your pup enjoys their outdoor time to the fullest.

This harness includes adjustable straps at the neck, chest, and back, making it ideal for growing dogs and accommodating different body types.

Quick-snap buckles make it easy to put on and take off, saving time and hassle.

Additionally, the harness's coated D-ring minimizes tag jangling noise, creating a more peaceful walking experience.

This adjustable, cushioned harness combines comfort, versatility, and style, making it a must-have for stylish pet owners.

Extra Small: Neck = 8"-11", Chest = 12"-15"
Small: Neck = 10"-14", Chest = 14"-22"
Medium: Neck = 12"-18", Chest = 18"-28"
Large: Neck = 16"-21", Chest = 24"-38"

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