Toiffer Poop Bag Holder Rosy Blush

Toiffer Poop Bag Holder Rosy Blush

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Convenient and Stylish Poop Bag Holder for Hassle-Free Walks

This poop bag holder is the perfect companion for all dog owners, ensuring you're always prepared.

Made from durable soft-touch plastic with an elastic band and iron clasp, it easily attaches to any standard dog leash or tote.

Its compact size, with a diameter of 1.75" and height of 3.5", makes it unobtrusive yet accessible.

The twist top design simplifies the reloading process, making it a breeze to refill with new bags.

This poop bag holder is not only practical but also complements your style, ensuring a happy home for your poop bags on every walk.

*Compatible with all standard dog leashes

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