Toiffer Waterproof Leash Robin Cyan

Toiffer Waterproof Leash Robin Cyan

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Versatile, Durable Dog Leash for All Adventures: This strong, multi-functional leash is perfect for daily walks and exciting excursions. 

It features two length options, with a regular length of 5 1/2 feet and a short leash adjustment of 3 1/4 feet.

Crafted from soft-touch, all-weather materials, it offers comfort and ease of handling. Its dirt- and odor-resistant properties ensure a fresh experience after every outing.

With multiple length adjustments and dual snap hooks, it's ideal for quick tie-ups, tandem walks, or adjusting to a short leash. 

Easy to clean with mild soap and water, this leash pairs flawlessly with the matching collar or harness and poop bag carrier for a complete set.

Standard Leash: Strap width - 3/4"

Small Leash: Strap width - 1/2"

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