West Paw Montana Beef Sticks

West Paw Montana Beef Sticks

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Beef up your treat Game. West Paw’s Air-Dried Beef Sticks are a nutrient dense, high-reward treat that is produced using the most nutritious organ parts of the cow that would normally go to waste—all humanely raised and sustainably sourced on regenerative ranches in our home state of Montana. 

  • High reward, nutrient dense treats that utilize organ meat—an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, and minerals
  • Traceable and Local. The beef West Paw uses is traceable and supports regenerative Montana ranches who have been validated by the Western Sustainability Exchange.
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives. Uses natural binding agents and preservatives like carrot and salt.
  • 100% Grass-Fed Beef free from antibiotics and hormones
  • Great Training tool; easy to break into smaller pieces with a satisfying ‘snap’.
  • More meat in the bag! Available in 6 oz, great for multiple dog households
  • Backed by our Love it Guarantee™
  • Available in the US only.


Beef Liver, Beef Lung, Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, Beef Spleen, Carrot, Salt, Beef Collagen Casing

Calorie Content

ME (calculated) is 4105 kcal/kg or approximately 47 kcal per piece.

Feeding Guidelines

These treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Individual treat size varies, break into smaller pieces to suit your needs.

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