Silly Stix Paper Straw Cat Toy with Silvervine

Silly Stix Paper Straw Cat Toy with Silvervine

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Inspired by the one and only classic sugary candy in a straw (if you know, you know), our Silly Stix are a straw full of scent enrichment for your cat. 

Each Silly Stix is a paper straw filled with our lab-tested, 100% natural and safe Cloud Nine silvervine, a potent cat attractant that cats can't resist. With 200 million olfactory receptors in their tiny heart shaped noses, silvervine offers a stimulating aroma that excites and engages cats, giving them a burst of playfulness and activity. It's the perfect way to treat your cat while promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

Your cat will love:
• the smell
• feeling euphoric
• kicking and bapping the straw
• chewing on and breaking the straw open

You will love:
• cat-safe and perfect for chewing

• 100% natural

• pre-loaded with Cloud Nine silvervine

Each pack comes with 4 Silly Stix!

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