Yeowww! Butterfly Catnip Cat Toy

Yeowww! Butterfly Catnip Cat Toy

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Give your cat a butterfly that's OK for pouncing on, biting, and bunny-kicking. These Yeowww! Butterflies look like they've been up for a while, harried by a hunter cat or two. Don't worry, though, they won't mind being battered by yours. In fact, they're stuffed with organic, potent catnip and have wings that make a lovely crinkly sound, just to entice your cat to go after them.

All certified USA organic and extremely potent. Made in USA

Yeowww! Butterfly Catnip Toy

  • Filled to the brim with Organic Catnip
  • Made in USA
  • Made with the most potent catnip buds available
  • Organic catnip-means free of chemicals or pesticides
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